Cheap (free) Wifi via the Connect2Compete and EveryoneOn Program

On Wednesday, Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference to announce the Connect2Compete / EveryoneOn program.  The program offers 1GB of free monthly wifi access and 10GB priced at $9.99 a month to qualifying zip codes (the 14,000 lowest income zip codes in the nation).  They also offer discounted new and refurbished desktops, laptops and tablets to qualifying zip codes.

I did some exploring on the Connect2Compete website and found that my students qualify for the free 1GB or 10GB/$9.99 deal.  Their families would have to pay $49 + shipping for the wireless router.  BUT, the $49 is refundable if and when they return their router.  Kids in my school’s zip code also qualify for a desktop or tablet for $150 or a laptop for $199.  Unfortunately, it is my understanding that once you have used your free 1GB for the month then your service is discontinued until the following month (unless you buy more gigabytes).  So, you can only watch videos like this or this so many times before you’ve maxed out your usage.  And my students love watching videos like this one many, many times a day!

What does the DLC think about this program?  Do you think it will help that “digital divide” as far as access goes?  Do you see your students’ families buying into this program?  Other thoughts?

Click here for the article on Bloomberg’s announcement.


One thought on “Cheap (free) Wifi via the Connect2Compete and EveryoneOn Program”

  1. Bringing free and affordable digital access to communities that might not otherwise be able to afford it is definitely something that I support. The thing that caught my attention was the name of this initiative: Connect2Compete. The reading we’ve done so far would probably fall more in the category of Connect2Collaborate or Connect2Communicate or even Connect2ChangeTheWorld! What does it say (about us, NYC, Bloomberg, or the world) that the apparent impetus for bringing digital access to these communities is the element of competition?

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