Am I Becoming a Digital Writer?

After our last book study discussion, I decided to start my own blog. I know that Will Richardson recommends starting with baby steps and commenting on other people’s blogs first, but I needed to take the plunge and just start my own thing. Plus, now that I am not teaching full-time this year, I really felt like I would miss having a captive audience to listen to me talk about all of my favorite things. So I started a blog. I made my first post exactly one week ago. And I’ve spent every day since then thinking about what my next post would be.

A couple of days ago I went back to my former school to clean out my classroom. After ten years of teaching, nine of them at that school and seven of them in the same classroom, there was a lot of stuff. I threw most of it away. Here’s what I kept, by the way:


As I was sorting through the file folders, the student work, the books, and all the minutiae of a decade of teaching text, I found myself consciously putting things into the “save” pile that would provide fodder for my blog. When I found a shared journal my colleagues and I kept for writing about the incredible experiences we were having as teachers, I knew that was a keeper. When I discovered a thick manila envelope I had labeled “Notes from Staff and Students,” I knew I needed to bring that home. And when I found photographs (actually printed out!) of my students performing scenes from Shakespeare on our school’s roof in 2005, I knew I’d want to write about our work on that project. And not just for reflective purposes either. I’m actually thinking about my audience (all four of you out there!), and what my readers might find illuminating, funny, inspiring, or provocative.

Does every new blogger feel this way? Do our students?


Author: Rebekah Shoaf

educator, natural foods chef, rebel bookseller

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