Taking my graduate course onto Twitter!

This semester I’m teaching a graduate course on adolescent literacy. For our next class we’ll be focusing on Writing to Learn. I’ve decided to ask my students to live-tweet our two-hour session together. They’ll start by brainstorming hashtags, presenting their ideas to each other, and selecting one as a group. Throughout the class they’ll (hopefully) use their laptops, iPads, and phones to respond in real time. At the end of class we’ll talk about what the experience was like, whether or not tweeting functioned as a Writing to Learn activity for them, and how they might use this activity in their own classrooms. I would love to hear suggestions or probing questions as I continue to plan, so please feel free to respond here. I will let you know how it goes!


Author: Rebekah Shoaf

educator, natural foods chef, rebel bookseller

One thought on “Taking my graduate course onto Twitter!”

  1. I love the reflective component of this activity. I wonder how many of your students tweet already – and for how many it will be a new task. You may want to cosider grouping them by experience – remember how Anna used the BOOK lineup to do that?

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