Smart Phones as Digital Writing Tools

Last night during our DLC hangout Kristen prompted us to think about smart phones as digital writing tools, and I’ve been mulling this over today. It seems to me that we often think about students using their phones to craft digital texts because we’re concerned about their limited access to other digital technology both in school and at home. How do we reframe this question from an asset-based perspective? It seems to me that smart phones have all sorts of advantages over desktops, laptops, and even tablets: they’re portable, discreet, ubiquitous, convenient, app-able, personal, and not stained with the stench of school. What else?


Author: Rebekah Shoaf

educator, natural foods chef, rebel bookseller

2 thoughts on “Smart Phones as Digital Writing Tools”

  1. Good questions, and I am struck by your “stench of school” idea. If we continue to coopt the literacies of kids (think graphic novels here) and make them “schoolish,” what happens?

  2. Ha! Good question. Maybe they (students) will start to feel about their phones the way we (adults) sometimes do–that phones are often just another tether–to work and other obligations. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe it will give young people a new respect for their phones. Or, maybe they’ll start “forgetting” them at home 🙂

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