Yes, But My Students Don’t Have Computers at Home

I was so inspired by this article in a recent ASCD publication about how schools and districts are helping their students overcome the digital divide. I especially love that in some places a lack of computer or internet access in students’ homes is seen as a community issue, not just a problem for the student, family, or school to solve, and that individuals and businesses in the community are playing  a part in the solution. It’s so easy to say, “I can’t incorporate digital literacy in my classroom because my students don’t have access to technology.” But the stories in this article provide examples of how to see those challenges as opportunities to involve the community, not just deficits.


To my fellow DLCers: No, this entry does not count as my piece for our next task. I just couldn’t resist the title.


Author: Rebekah Shoaf

educator, natural foods chef, rebel bookseller

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