Turning a “Yes, BUT” into a “Yes, AND”

How many times have you walked away from something – PD, a meeting, a conference, a cooking class – and thought “Wow! That was great! What an awesome way to wrap a burrito [or fill in the blank with some great piece of knowledge obtained], BUT I don’t have that cool burrito wrapping contraption [fill in the blank with the tool you need] at home [fill in the blank with your classroom].

Okay – enough with the burrito analogy.

During a DLC discussion a few weeks ago, we started talking about the “Yes, Buts.”  A “Yes, But” is a road block or challenge that an educator faces when trying to incorporate digital tools and literacies into her classroom. How many times have you heard (or said/thought) a “Yes, but?”   “YES – using instagram in the classroom as a means of storytelling is great, BUT not all of my students have cell phones to access instagram!”


A few years ago, I worked with an improv theatre, and I learned that THE cardinal rule of improv is the “Yes, And” rule. Whatever your partner on stage brings to the scene, you must accept it. You must say, “yes, and” add something of your own to the scene in order for it to keep going.

I  challenged the DLC to create a digital piece of writing that tackles some of those “Yes, Buts.” Here’s what the amazing DLC came up with:

Kristen’s:  Is Access an Issue?









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